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What Makes Nannies Special?

There are special qualities that nannies possess which make them stand out as wonderful caregivers. Here are some of the qualities that you will discover when you hire a nanny.


Nannies must have a lot of patience to dedicate their time towards working with children. There are moments when children cry, get angry, or defiant. Nannies know how to take a deep breath, remain calm, and keep moving forward.

Love For Children

Not everyone can be a nanny! I have worked with children for many years and have seen grown adults run out of the classrooms, or have a terrified look on their face. A nanny must have a love for children and a desire to work with them.


Children have a huge imagination! Someone who can meet that imagination with creative stories and crafts makes a fantastic nanny. A blanket can become a castle, a couch can be a boat, a broom can be a wizard staff, or the family dog could be a wolf in the forest.


Nannies understand that parents become anxious when they are away from their children. A great nanny stays in contact with parents during their stay and gives them quick updates when they arrive home.

This week is Nanny Appreciation Week. Take a moment and thank your nanny for the wonderful qualities that she presents to families.

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