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What is That?

Halloween is not the only day of the year where families are confronted with scary, slimy, sticky, and stinky things. Moms and dads everywhere must continually be on the lookout for terrifying sights created by little goblins living within their homes. Here are 5 signs that something may be lurking around the corner.

Fridge is Ajar

If you catch sight of the fridge open then that is a clear sign something close by is looting. Take inventory of what is missing and survey the area for open containers, trails of dripping chocolate, or crumbs that could lead to the suspect. 

Drip Drop

The trickling sound of water means that something is definitely around the corner. Prepare yourself for a sink overflowing, the spill of a milk jug, or worse a toilet bowl flood. Grab a mop and prepare for the worst.


Households everywhere, where children are present, are filled with continuous pattering and sounds of tinkering. If you suddenly find yourself with a moment of silence then something might be a little off. Put on your alert and begin your journey for that something lurking around the corner.


The sound of rustling and crunching could very well be the munching of a sneaky gremlin. Move with stealthy caution as you catch him/her in the act and be prepared for the mess.

Missing Markers

Washable markers are a lifesaver for parents, but even when they go missing there is a mess of graffiti that follows. If you notice an open box of markers or signs that they have been captured, then grab a rag and be prepared to take down a wall of artwork.

Don’t let the icky, sticky, slimy, and grimy scare you away from parenting! Just keep your cleaning supplies handy and be ready for anything.

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