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Stress Free Trick-or-Treat

Happy Halloween! Your kids are ready to have a fun night filled with scares, wonder, and lots of sticky candy. The costume is picked out but there are still things you may want to do to prepare for your trick-or-treat adventure.

Prepare For The Weather

Your child has the perfect costume for what they want to be on Halloween, but I bet that costume is not going to be warm. Check the weather and prepare your child to wear sweat pants and long-sleeved shirts under their costume. Bring a jacket and even an umbrella if there is a chance of rain.

Create Some Light

If your neighborhood is not well lit then make sure to bring a flashlight to use towards the end of the night. Toss some glow sticks into your child’s candy bucket and have them wear some glow bracelets with their costume, it will be easier to spot them in a crowd.

Establish the Rules

Let your child be aware of some simple rules that will help keep them safe during their candy adventure. Some rules may include staying together, no running, no crossing roads, be respectful, and only knock on doors with the porch light on. Make up your rules, stick with them, and let them know before you leave.

Wear Proper Shoes

Prepare on getting your steps accounted for this week while you walk up and down the roads within your neighborhood. Wear your best running shoes paired with some warm socks. At the end of the night prop your feet on a pillow and try to relax.

Charge Your Phone

Make sure your phone is fully charged before you leave. You will want to use it to keep track of the time, take pictures, use it as a flashlight, and call someone if you need any help. If your child has a cellphone, have them carry theirs fully charged as well in case you get separated.

Now that you are fully prepared for Trick-or-treat you can have a fun stress free celebration with your kids. Happy Halloween!

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