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Spooky Fun Friendly Activities

Boo! Halloween is only two weeks away and there are many Spooktacular activities your family could be diving into over these coming days.

Meet Your Match

The tradition of picking a pumpkin is similar to a wizard selecting a wand; the pumpkin has to be just right for each individual. Some children may love a smaller pumpkin that they can easily hold and carry, others may choose the biggest and fattest, or even the tallest. Spend the day visiting a nearby farm, ride a wagon, drink some cider, and enjoy the whole experience.

Craft a Lumpy Pumpkin

Once your pumpkin has been chosen you need to decide how you will want to decorate it for the upcoming holiday. Will you carve, paint, or cover it with spooky stickers. Older children may want to have a contest for the best-carved pumpkin while littles would love to finger paint with their new Halloween pal.

Brew a Tasty Treat

The best part of the holidays is the food. Choose some of your favorite slimy, sticky, and scrumptious treats to make together as a family. Use your imagination and have fun creating pumpkin pie, caramel apples, pudding dirt, and squirmy spaghetti. You may even like some fun green eggs and ham for breakfast.

Challenge A Fellow Goblin

A celebration isn’t complete without competing games to raise the spirits. Let the children have some fun wrapping themselves in toilet paper, who will become a mummy for Halloween first? Or maybe play a game of toss the rings on the pumpkin, or put-put into the mouth of a pumpkin head. Pin the hat on the witch or hunt for the witches' broom. There are so many different games that everyone will enjoy.

Watch a Family Fun Flix

Break out the candy corned popcorn and have some fun watching a family-friendly movie with your kids. Share your memories of Halloween with Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, The Haunted Mansion or Casper the Friendly Ghost. Don’t be afraid to watch something new and enjoy your spooky time together.

Remember there are only a couple weeks left until October 31st, have fun and share the joy and festivities with family and friends.

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