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Quick Ideas To Stretch Your Kid-Budget

If your child is growing out of their clothes, or toys, faster than you can keep up, here are some quick ideas on how to stretch your budget! 

The way to get more on less, and keep up with the demands of child-rearing, when it comes to clothes and toys is to see every purchase you make in terms of resale value. So, 

whether you are looking for a bargain and comparing the sale price to the retail price, or looking for a type of toy or clothing brand, keep in mind whether there is local demand for that item. Simply because kids physically and mentally outgrow everything, at some point, if there is no local demand for what you purchased, you will be out of luck trying to sell, consign or trade your items. 


First, when out shopping, notice which brands children’s stores are in the area (and the more expensive the better for resale options). Then, watch their clearance aisles for deep discounts on brand names and jump on those 70 to 90% sales that tend to occur in January, August and either at or right after, major holidays! Not only will that save you money, but it will allow you to resell the item with greater success online, using apps like,, or similar. Also, you will likely have more success getting your clothes accepted and receive a greater return when selling, trading or consigning them with children’s resale shops like Kid to Kid or Once Upon a Child, etc. 

Another option is to watch for online, or manufacturer, coupons and time the use of your coupons (dependent upon any restrictions of use you see on the coupon) with sale days to get double the savings! Some sites to check out, for deals, are,, and You can even go straight to the brand name site that interests you and download, or print, coupons. Some have had success with writing to brands and receiving requested coupons for their items. 

And, don’t forget to peruse the internet, classifieds and social media sites for local estate, garage or yard sales each weekend to get those rock bottom deals on brand names too. Finally, to truly get the best deals when attending estate, garage or yard sales, ask when the last day of the sale and make sure you get there because everything left will be marked down and practically given away! 

Hope these quick ideas help you maximize your ability to purchase, then sell, trade or consign clothes and toys your child will truly love, while allowing you to stretch your toy or clothes budget! And, the neatest thing about every exercising every option here is how it promotes the local economy, from supporting brand name stores to discount places to thrift shops and individuals, it is just all-around a great idea for everyone! 

Evita E. has been a happy customer of Nanny2U, is mom to an Autistic Angel and now is writing, doing photography, videography and creative content, with every available moment in a very dynamic and busy life!

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