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How To Find Quality Time With Family

We are living in an era where everyone is adding more activities and more responsibilities. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Here are some great ways you can turn those minutes, with your kids, into quality moments.


I remember mornings when I was a kid, my parents would get me up at 5 am and expect me to get ready while they prepared for work. Mom was running frantically up and down the stairs, always ultimately forgetting something. My dad would go through his typical routine in a precise fashion. By the time everyone got ready, I would have just enough time to grab a pop-tart or scarf down a bowl of Froot Loops before running out the door.

Does this sound familiar? Families are always very busy in the mornings. My suggestion would be to either wake up a little earlier to prepare a delicious sit-down breakfast and take just a minute to send a smiling gesture to your kids before they leave.

Arriving Home

Everyone’s days are filled with busy schedules and daily tasks. When something frustrating happens at work or school, it tends to stick with the person when they arrive home. Do your best to take a deep breath and be present for your family.


Time to put the cell phone, tablets, computers, televisions, Nintendo switches, and Game Boy away. Dinner is a wonderful time to sit, converse, relax, and enjoy everyone’s company. Also, note that the dinner table is for mom’s too! Let the dishes wait until later and enjoy your meal.


If you haven’t already set-up a nighttime routine, then I highly recommend considering implementing one into your daily to-do list. After bath-time and brushing teeth spend 15minutes to tell a mystical story, read their favorite book, or sing their favorite song.


Pick a time over the weekend that is completely dedicated to your family. Whether it is just for a couple of hours before your son’s basketball game or the afternoon after church. Make the most of your time together.

These minutes that you dedicate over the week will add up to be precious moments that your family will always remember.

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