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How Is Your Nanny Chosen?

They are your kids and you would not just let anybody watch them. That's why not just anyone can be a Nanny2U Nanny.

Hi, I'm Niki as the owner of Nanny2U, I love helping parents reconnect by spending kid free time together. Let's talk about how your nanny was chosen. We have a six page application packet that the nanny must fill out. This will also direct them to register to be a childcare provider in the state. Once they are registered we will receive their background check. Second is the interview process. First we start with a phone interview. The phone interview is really just to kind of talk about what the position is about and to see if they're interested. If they're interested, we have an in person (or video conference call) interview which usually lasts for about an hour. We get to know the potential nanny and see if they're a good fit for our nanny service. All nannies participate in online progressive training program specific to our company. This training was created by the owner as well as 2 key staff members who have been in this industry for over 20 years combined. Then they have on the job reviews after they have a client. I make sure that I email each client to see how the nanny was. If there were any concerns and questions, and to just get a little bit of feedback from our clients about each nanny. All of our nannies are also local. We have local ladies in Saint Louis, Kansas City, Branson and Lake of the Ozarks. We have also expanded our quality service to Miami, Florida! Our nannies are all over the age of 21 and most of them have kids of their own. Some of them even have grand-babies.


Nanny2U has turned thousands of nervous parents into big fans who love to refer us. Please go to to book a nanny for your next date night and become our next fan.

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