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Frequently Asked Questions!

I know you must have a ton of questions! In this blog, I will talk about frequently asked questions. Take a look.

Hi, I'm Niki as the owner of Nanny2U. I love helping parents reconnect by spending kid free time together. Here are a few of our clients asking questions that a lot of you may have.

Q: Do you have emergency care?

A: Yes. If you have an emergency and you need care right now, please text (417) 294-5900 and we will do our best to get you a nanny.

Q: Hey, I just wanted to know is there a minimum or maximum time that your nannies are available?

A: There is a minimum of four hours, however, there is no maximum and we are available 24/7.

Q: Hey, so I was wondering are you guys available on the holidays?

A: Yes, we are available on all holidays. The hourly rate will be calculated at time and a half and it also fills up very quickly. So book your nanny soon.

Q: How far in advance should I book a nanny?

A: Under normal circumstances, we really prefer 24 hour notice. However we are able to do same day on occasion.

Q: So how old are your nannies?

A: All of our nannies are over the age of 21. Check out our “meet your nanny page” to get more information.

Q: Are you nanny's licensed?

A: Our Nannies are registered in the state of Missouri to be childcare providers and they all have background checks.

Q: Are All of your nannies women?

A: Yes. All of our nannies are women. We do hire Manny's for group events though.

Q: Do I have to have a room number to book a nanny? No need for a room number.

A: Our nannies will check in with the front desk. At that point the front desk will give them directions to where you are.

Q: Are you able to care for special needs kids or even adults?

A: Yes. We have several nannies that are perfectly capable of helping out with children who have special needs or other disabilities. Please check out our special needs video here on our youtube channel.

Q: Do you have a place to drop off the kids?

A: No, we come to you. This is for your convenience and our nannies are available 24/7. They come to your hotel, resort or home.

Q: How much does it cost to book a nanny?

A: I am so glad you asked. You can find our pricing on our website at There is a $30 processing fee, and after that there's a four hour charge. Our group rates are different, so please be sure to ask about those when you book.

We have turned thousands of nervous parents into big fans who love to refer us. Please take a look at to book your nanny for your next date night and become our next fan.

Check out this video on our YouTube Channel!

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