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Back and Better than Ever!

After 19 years of service I had to post the following message on our website and social media. COVID knocked us off our feet.

Valued Client, We thank you for being patient through this pandemic and the ongoing nationwide staffing shortage, as we continue to keep you and our nannies safe. ​ If for reasons out of our control, your nanny becomes unavailable and we are unable to book a replacement, we will provide a full refund. ​ We can no longer offer services 24/7 or on Holidays. At this time we can only provide nannies as we have them available. Your particular date and time might not be available, we apologize for any inconvenience. Once you set your time zone, click on the dates to view what times we have available. ​ We value each and every one of you, and we thank you always for choosing Nanny2U. ​ -Niki Wiltshire CEO, Nanny2U ​

This was a short year ago and I can now proudly say we are back better than ever!

We have been actively recruiting quality nannies and have already added 4 to our roster. Our nannies are the backbone to our company and we take pride in who we add to our team. As we add more nannies to the team our availability is better and better.

Our goal is to have 15 nannies in the Branson Mo area. We currently have 12!

Thank you all for your patience and continued support. Keep booking those nannies!

Niki Wiltshire

Nanny2U, CEO

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