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5 Ways to Recharge

I would love to have an unlimited supply of energy and the ability to accomplish everything that I desire during the day. Unfortunately, many parents, who are years behind on sleep, rely on their morning cup of coffee which only supplies them with enough energy to get dressed and out the door every day. If you feel like your battery is always low then check out the following ways to recharge. 

Take a Weekend Trip

Do you day-dream about being able to take a vacation whenever you want? Well, technically you can! You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars taking a trip to Las Vegas, instead spend time locally at the places you have never been.

Check out some live entertainment, the hottest club, or take an exclusive river cruise. Stay at a local resort or hideaway cabin and feel miles away from the stressful weeks you have endured. 

Reconnect With Your Spouse

When was the last time you went on a date? If it has been longer than a month then you are overdue! Pull yourselves away from the weekly television program and put on your finest wardrobe. Date night is your chance to connect as a couple, remember why you fell in love, and keep that fire lit.  

Spend Time With Friends

Did someone say Girl’s Night! Oh yeah! Spend an evening enjoying the company of your friends by grabbing some drinks, riding some roller coasters, and dancing the night away. By being the host, you are doing your girlfriends a service. 

Discover Your Latest Hobby

The kids are signed up for activities but mom shouldn’t be left out of all the fun. Find something that you enjoy, can connect with, and will challenge you. Whether it is Yoga, Knitting, Painting, or a Harry Potter book club you will find your tribe.   

Find a Quick Release

I have a love for Starbucks Frappuccino, though I admit it is terrible for my midsection, I can find my happy place at a local Starbucks. I have friends that love to sit at their favorite restaurant, shop at unique antique shops, watching a movie with their buttered popcorn, or spend time enjoying nature. Find those little things which bring you happiness during the week and take the time to recharge.

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