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It isn’t easy working in the childcare industry. There are many obstacles you may face. A professional nanny must be prepared for every possible situation to protect herself not to mention the children she serves. The Nanny2Entrepreneur Membership strives to equip you with the skills you need to do just that. I have created a membership that will help Nannies all over the world realize their potential and worth. In this membership, you will learn how to go from Nanny to Entrepreneur. You may not think of yourself as an entrepreneur but you are! You work for yourself. You are able to leave one family to go to another if you feel necessary to do so. You are able to set your own wages if you desire. If you don’t realize this and your amazing potential then this membership is for you. Presented to you by Nanny2U’s Business Mentor, Niki Wiltshire, the NANNY2Entrepreneur Membership is the best place for you to GROW in your field. You will learn: How to be confident in your skills How to speak to parents How to find new clients How to set your pay How to be the CEO of your life Mindset support Nanny retreats Guest speakers Further education opportunities AND MUCH MORE!

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Nanny2Entreprenuer, $57/month

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