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As an independent contractor, you have flexibility and room to grow!

Your schedule is yours, you set your hours. You decide how often you would like to work and when. 

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Nanny2U Hiring Process

Follow these steps to start your career with Nanny2U.
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Applicant officially applies via Homebase. As well as sets up a Homebase account.

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Step 1



Nanny Ambassador

  • WHAT: A referral program. You receive business cards and a Unique Referral code to include on those cards. You pass out the business cards and share Nanny2U services with anyone you'd like. Must be 17 or older to apply.

  • WHEN: Anytime, Anywhere! As often as you would like you can give others the business cards with your unique referral code written on them.

  • PAY: Pay is commission-based. Each month appointments made using the referral codes will be calculated. You will be paid a flat $2 rate for each appointment that was made using your unique referral code. The amount you can earn is unlimited!

On-Call Nanny

  • WHAT: On-Call Nannies are booked individually as well as in group settings. In either case you are responsible to care for children of varying ages. The number of children depends on the family booking the sit (1-4 children for individual sits, 5+ for group sits). Must be 21 or older to apply.

  • WHEN: You tell us when you are available. On-Call Nannies maintain an availability schedule online and your schedule is filled based on clients needs and your availability.

  • PAY: As an on-call Nanny the pay rates vary. It depends on how many children you are caring for, whether the sit is booked at regular rates or discounted for locals and how many hours you are working total.

Event Nanny

  • WHAT: Event Nannies work in group settings with fellow nannies. During an event, you are responsible for caring for groups of children that vary in size and age. Must be 17 or older to apply.

  • WHEN: Events are booked directly through Nanny2U and Nanny2U selects the designated numbers of Nannies available to work those events. You are booked if you are available and needed.

  • PAY: Your hourly wages do not vary for an event. They remain $16/hr throughout the event. No matter if it is an AM or PM shift, whether it is four hours or ten, the rate always stays the same. An increase in pay is available for chosen Lead Nannies. If you are interested in becoming a lead, reach out to Nanny2U's Admin Team.

Network Marketing Nanny

  • WHAT: As an NMN you become an integral part of the marketing team. This program is a step up from the Ambassador Program. NMNs have several commitments that they agree to in regard to training, client meetings, and documentation. Must be 21 or older to apply.

  • WHEN: You schedule your business hours, monthly meetings and marketing calls based on what works for you. You will also schedule coaching meetings with the Nanny Manager every other week, however, these are via the phone and times are flexible to your schedule. Live on-line training videos are required twice a month. However, these are recorded for replay in the event that you are unable to attend one.

  • PAY: Pay is commissions based. You receive an upgraded commission of $5 per booking when your unique code is used. You also receive $5 for each appointment booked at one of your corporate client locations. There is no cap on the amount of commission you can receive.


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