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So, you're looking for a job that gives you, flexibility, the ability to work on your terms, variety, with each day being different, the ability to feel connected, feel important, and create true meaning in someone's life, to influence people and inspire them, to change lives. You're looking for a job where you can be independent, and dress the way you want, for comfort, not style. Where you get to make decisions, & where you can nurture and grow others...

Being a nanny does all that... and more!

  • You get to be remembered years from now, for the incredible bonds you made.

  • You get to be the person who is depended on.

  • You get to influence that child, to help them make big decisions, to help them grow.

You're changing lives.

It's a pretty big deal.

If this sounds like you and you feel that way about childcare. We want to meet you. We want you on our team.

We offer great rates, flexibility, the opportunity to run your own schedule, a great team with mentorship and support, career growth opportunities, and more.

Find out more & apply to be part of the Nanny2U team here:

Once you have applied, please check with your state on how to get your background check.

This must be submitted before we can hire you.

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Beth Pelham

Positions within Nanny2U

You can choose to be both on-call and event or simply one or the other.

On-Call Nanny

Event Nanny

  • WHAT: On-call nannies are booked individually as well as in group settings. In either case, you are responsible for caring for children of varying ages. The number of children depends on the family booking the sit (1-4 children for individual bookings, 5+ for group bookings). Must be 21 or older to apply. Check out our YNI if you are under 21!

  • WHEN: You tell us when you are available. On-Call Nannies maintain an availability schedule online and your schedule is filled based on clients' needs and your availability.

  • PAY: As an on-call Nanny the pay rates vary. You will learn more in your first interview.

  • WHAT: Event Nannies in group settings. You are responsible for caring for children of varying ages. The number of children will be 5 or more.

  • WHEN: You tell us when you are available. You can sign up for events on our website!

  • PAY: As an Event Nanny the pay is $19/hour. You will be paid by Nanny2U in most cases.

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For aspiring nannies age 15-19.

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