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I am Nanny2U

At age twenty-two, I knew I wanted to run my own business. I also knew I wanted to work with children. Almost out of college with a 4-year degree, I started working for The Granny Nannies LLC.

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Our Story

The Granny Nannies was established in February of 2002. In 2005 my fiance and I purchased the newly established business with five nannies in Branson Missouri. As I worked full time at our local hospital, I worked hard to grow The Granny Nannies as a side hustle. A hobby if you will. Knowing the potential of such an amazing company, I longed to leave my full time job to run The Granny Nannies full time. 


In 2008, I presented The Granny Nannies to a large group of entrepreneurs with my sister by my side. Wow, that was intimidating! It was well worth it however. This is where I learned that the name of our company was not depictive of what we actually do. So, Nanny2U was born. With a lot of help from Mrs. Karen, my friend and marketing guru, The Granny Nannies was transformed into Nanny2U. Not only did I have the help of my amazing friend, Karen, I had the support of several pillars of my community. They all rallied around Nanny2U and myself to help me grow something special. With my amazing family and friends by my side, I was unstoppable. I was ready to grow.


I became a mother in 2012 which gave me a whole new perspective on childcare and the tremendous need for quality care. My daughter was born with clubfoot. This came with special needs like stretches and boots with a bar across the bottom. At this time I was still plugging away working full time, running Nanny2U, and raising a baby girl with special needs. My husband was and is a tremendous help. He has always supported me with Nanny2U through the hard times. In 2014 we welcomed our baby boy! 


All this time word of Nanny2U was spreading across the country. Every year since 2005 we have been providing on-site childcare for large and small events. In 2016 we were invited to provide care in Canada! It was amazing! Our client utilized our professional services 4 different years all across Canada and the US. Then… 


COVID hit. People canceled all their vacations and events. Nanny2U was barely making it. I tried everything to keep us afloat: membership program, nanny placement program, and franchising. I felt like it was all crashing down around me. For 2 years I decided Nanny2U was not my future so I pursued other avenues. Heartbroken, I started WiltshireVA Group LLC. 


Although I loved working with amazing psychotherapists as their virtual assistant and online course creation coach, my heart longed to manage Nanny2U again. 


In 2022 life started to get back to normal! Events were back and people were traveling again. This is the year we started from scratch and started to build Nanny2U again with many amazing nannies in the Branson Missouri area. 


Here at Nanny2U our nannies are the backbone of our company. We strive to make sure we have quality nannies you can trust. Our mission is just that! 


Our vision is for all families to enjoy time apart so they can enjoy time together. 

Thank you for reading more about Nanny2U,

Niki Wiltshire


Happy Woman


THIS COMPANY AND THEIR NANNIES ROCK!!!!!! So impressed! Highly recommend!

Happy Dad


I called Niki last minute for a nanny and she was simply amazing. I would definitely recommend Nanny2u.

Happy Woman


I will be referring friends and clients to Nanny 2 U. Looking forward to another adult evening out.

What we are all about.


We strive to create an atmosphere of kindness, understanding, and respect, and to provide a wide variety of activities and experiences to help children learn and grow. We believe in empowering children to explore, create, and discover in a positive and engaging atmosphere, and strive to foster a sense of community within our program. As a team, we are committed to providing quality care and a positive experience for all those we serve.


Our vision is to provide a safe, and fun environment where children can explore, create, and learn while their on vacation or at an event.


Trustworthy  l  Safe  l   Engaging  l  Professional

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