What we are all about.


To provide quality childcare you can trust, nationwide.


For all families to enjoy time apart so they can enjoy time together, by spreading date nights across the world.


Childcare where you need it.


About the Owner

Hi, my name is Niki! I am the CEO of Nanny2U and I am excited to welcome you to our caring organization. Nanny2U was originally named The Granny Nannies and was founded in 2002. I became a nanny a year after the business began and fell in love with all of my clients. In 2005 the owner relocated, from Branson Missouri, which presented me with the opportunity to purchase the business.  Since then, I have built a great team of nannies in Missouri and I am currently expanding to other states around the U.S. 

We value a fun, friendly, and safe environment for everyone. Our nannies are selected by my team, they undergo a background check, and must complete our nanny training. I am always searching for wonderful nannies to become part of our Nanny2U family.

Here at Nanny2U, our mission is to provide quality childcare you can trust. Most of our nannies are parents who also use our services! We know the importance of taking time to re-energize for your family. You plan the date, we’ve got the kids! Childcare where you need it.


About the General Manager

Hi my name is Bianka. I am the General Manager for Nanny2U. I love working for Nanny2U and I love what this company stands for. Quality childcare is hard to come by in most places so I am blessed to say that we help fill that very important need. 

I am in charge of recruiting and retaining quality nannies you can trust. I take my job very seriously. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me! 


About the HR Manager

Hi! My name is Megan Holcomb. I have been with Nanny2U for over 5 years. I have one daughter and I love working for Nanny2U. I believe in our mission and vision very much and I enjoy exceeding client expectations every day. My favorite thing to do is manage the Nanny training. 
Contact me if you have any questions.


About the Activities Coordinator

Hi my name is Sherry. I started working with Nanny2U in 2005. My job is the most fun! I get to plan all the fun group/event activities! I do a lot of research well before each event to make sure I provide age appropriate activities for the kiddos in our care. Each child will leave with 2-3 crafts per day. 

My favorite thing about my job is when I hear the kids say "I had so much fun, I don't want to leave!" 


About our Networking Manager

Hi I am Shellean! I have been with Nanny2U for over 15 years! I am the networking manager so if you need any marketing material shoot me an email and we will get some to you.


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